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You Can Do It! No More Self Doubt

Sometimes we all get down with self doubt or lack of self belief, but let me say it because its true… You can do it, you can do whatever it is that you want to achieve. I am sure that somewhere in the world there is another person who has achieved what you are striving to achieve, who has faced the set backs that you have, who has struggled with obstacles and similar hurdles to jump over and there will also be others who have faced the seemingly impossible and have succeeded. I have always firmly believed that if I put my mind to something….like, seriously put mind to something then I will achieve it and I have always reinforced this belief whenever possible.

The key is to build a level of passion inside you that fuels you onto achieve your goals, and to actively foster that fire within yourself everyday, so that when you are particularly low the fire is still ticking over. We should all make this refueling a part of our daily habits, as each day it will build and grow and become easier to achieve along the way, however difficult it is today. I do this on a regular basis, every morning I pick myself up and listen to things that will motivate me on my particular passions. I do this in either the shower or on my commute to work by listening to podcasts. Before podcasts I used to plug earphones into my kindle and have it read out the books to me, luckily there are now audiobooks and a huge range of podcasts to choose from, so you have a whole world of inspiration at your fingertips.

Probably the best piece of advice I could give in this scenario is to pick someone to copy! Don’t feel ashamed of coping…. It will only be a mental form of mimicking the behavior and characteristics.

This does depend on your specific goals but it can work in most instances…. Want to be successful … Pick a mentor and Youtube them, Google them, read their books, take their advice, follow their recommendations.

Want to lose weight, find someone you think is fit and healthy or a group of people and get motivated…. Join a google+ fitness group and look at the photos and read their advice.

Want to love yourself? Find someone who loves themselves and see how they act in comparison to yourself. Do they walk in the room with their head held high or do they smile and talk to lots of people with ease. Pretend you are alteady there and walk out for the day pretending to have those qualities.

These kinds or examples should start leading you down the path to what you want. You may get knock backs and your current environment might make this very difficult to maintain, but if you do this everyday you will start walking down a new path and into new circumstances that are currently not available or those that you cannot see as possible, but bit by bit, things will start to change.

I know from experience, that even the most difficult or hopeless situations will change if only you don’t give up hope and you decide to change. We can only control ourselves and when we realise that by changing ourselves the world around us will change…. then we’ve cracked it!

All my love


P.S if you’ve enjoyed this or your going to change something or start listening to podcast then leave a comment and let me know what’s your next move! x

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