Uganda 2014

Uganda gave me Gratitude for Christmas

So this Christmas 2014 I had the pleasure of travelling to Uganda and staying with family for 3 weeks. The main purpose of our trip was to see family and celebrate Christmas and New years together. But we also had the opportunity to give to those in need and I got to witness how life continues through thick and thin, with those who have little giving all that they have to help others.

As we were staying with family we were surrounded by laughter, love, luxuries, comfort and whatever we needed at our fingertips. So it was a very secure environment for our children to explore the contrast for a couple of days, and what we were able to see gave them both a life changing experience.

We were able to go out and give clothes and toys to children and babies in homes for special needs, orphanages, slum areas and what I guess is a young offenders prison.

Seeing the children’s faces and getting a glimpse into their lives and the lives of the women and men who are supporting them, has made such a memorable impression on us all and I can only hope that we have, to them.

It did feel as though there was not enough being done, not enough worldwide air time or awareness, simply because of the vast numbers of people and children living in poverty or without parents. I did feel helpless, knowing that what we were giving was not enough nor could it spread far enough.

I am so grateful to our family who are living in Uganda, who unbeknown to us had organised an event in the family village with around 120 village children and families who had never received a Christmas present. So they held a football event for them, loud music and play areas, lots of food and drink and they were all given a small gift and sweet each. The village children could hardly contain themselves and it was so touching to witness. But at the same time it was painful to watch because I wanted to give them whatever I had on me, and I had gone to the event with very little as we didnt know what it was. So I gave what I had but only to one child. I felt like I had it too easy in my life looking at these children, I could only imagine what their lives were actually like.


What I have taken from our trip to Uganda is gratitude, gratitude to have seen, shared and given. Gratitude for what I have and that I am able to give to my children, with a roof over their heads and food on the table. Gratitude for my health and our health system. Our education and public support systems, we have it easy. We have support, care and guidance at our fingertips….. its always good to be reminded that there are millions that do not have even the simplest of these things.

All my love


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