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TOTD – 008 Don’t Let Self Limiting Beliefs Stop You

Don’t let self limiting thoughts stop you from achieving your goals

All to often we can be the very source of doubt, self worth and the biggest hurdle to taking action.  You only live life once so you should practice the habit of “winging it!” or “just doing it”.

If you are troubled by self doubt and fears, its worth setting aside some time for you to ponder on why you have those beliefs.  Where do they stem from and what is the core belief at the bottom.  Once you find the foundation of the belief you will often realise that they are false.  Once you believe they are false, it is then not habit if you “choose” to continue believing them.

TOTD 008


The thought of the day series is a phrase or quote for you to ponder upon. Each day a new thought or quote will be posted to unravel your own inner strength and power.

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