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TOTD – 005 Set a Goal for today and achieve it today

Set a goal for today and achieve it today! Small successes = Big Success

Getting into the habit of setting and sticking with your goals is easy to do if you break them into achievable chunks.  You can break yourself into the habit by simply setting achievable tasks that you know with determination and a small amount of willpower you can totally handle.  Such as drinking 2 litres of water that day or going to the gym for 45mins.

Each day set another goal which you believe will work towards a bigger goal and by the end of 30 days you will be amazed at what you have achieved.


TOTD - 005 Set your goals and achieve them today


The thought of the day series is a phrase or quote for you to ponder upon. Each day a new thought or quote will be posted to unravel your own inner strength and power.

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