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Tips and Tools for Self Motivation and Self Love

We’ve all been there, when life gets us down and we find ourselves dwelling on the not so positives, which can turn into negatives and we can seem to lose grip of ourselves.  There are some very useful tools that we have available to ourselves, that we should pull together a tool kit to use when we feel low or have two days in a row which are not filled with the lightness of peace or happiness.

  1. At the beginning when we are just starting to feel low, the best thing to do is something that you enjoy that gets you physically active, whether it is going for a walk, dancing or doing some form of movement.  If these options are not available fresh air is a beautiful substitute, along with listening to the sounds of nature.  There was a time when I was bed ridden, couldn’t walk or do physical activity.  In this situation I used to lay outside wrapped up in blankets, being outside listening to the birds and feeling the sun and wind on my face, helped me to be grateful for what I did have and gain an appreciation for life.  There is always something positive that you can do and there is always something you can do to lift you higher.
  2. Personally I love listening to podcasts on a daily basis.  I find that these start my day off with a boost or give me an uplift when I need it.
  3. With modern technology comes portable apps/iphones/ipods/smartphones etc.  check out some of the apps around self help, affirmations, positivity and create your own personal toolkit of positivity for your daily routines.
  4. writing out your emotions are as good at communicating them.  Once they are out.  Let them go in whatever fashion suits you best for example you could burn the letter, tear it up or simply let it go.
  5. Write out your Top 3 Goals and visualise them coming true. I am a big fan of visualisation. I regularly do it, especially when reality gets a little too far from ideal.

So to summarise:

  • Get active, dance, exercise or go in nature
  • Listen to podcasts, read affirmations,use your apps of motivation or alignment.
  • Write out your thoughts or feelings and let them go.
  • Write out your goals and visualise them coming true.

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