Actionable Tips to Improve Stress,

Actionable Tips to Improve Stress, Health and Wellbeing

This post is written specify for someone close to me, who is looking to change and reinvent herself as a Nuyuu. But all these recommendations are applicable to anyone who is currently stuck and looking for an immediate short action plan to tackle.

Now I have kept it short and actionable so that you can take one to three elements and implement them to see a change.

Its often, that by the time we are looking for a solution the problem has grown into a few areas of our lives.  Which can be confusing if you are looking for a place to start to unravel the problem.

To be able to take action and see results you will need to select a few things to change, but ideally by making these small changes you will begin to see big changes in your life.

So to start, break down the aspects in your life which are not functioning as well as you would like them to or where the majority of your issues stem from, which could centre around the following:

  • Work
  • Health
  • Mental attitude / emotions

But most of them will result in the same symptom “Stress”.

To take action you will likely have to cultivate passion and excitement for your future, you can do this through imaging life without these issues such as having a happy environment, or being full of health and vitality, positivity and emotional security.

What would you do differently? How would your life change?

Imagine these things in depth, visualise them, spend time before bed and before getting out of bed day dreaming what it would feel like and take yourself to the point where for a few moments you forget reality and feel the peace of your future.

Steps to a nuyuu

If you are stressed, focusing on your food, sleep and exercise will give you the right ingredients to manage your stress.

I have found the following really helpful in reducing stress, so my top tips are:

  • Cutting out sugar and starch, coffee and cheese (ok, so immediately you may be thinking what!!! that will make me more stressed!) but these are actually foods and drinks which can either stimulate your nervous system or can put more strain onto your body.
  • Start drinking more water, taking raw cacao, Chinese herb tea: Astragualus Root, Ashwagandha Power teas, Green tea or Matcha by Teapigs, introducing Coconut oil into your foods – cooking with it or in your drinks.
  • Sleep a minimum of 8 hours per night
  • Change your morning and night time routine to reduce stress and reduce your interactions with your smart phones, ipads, computers, tv’s giving your brain time to unwind and to start the day right.
  • Exercise – get active, you don’t have to be a gym rat or overdo your workouts, but increasing your activity will allow your body to circulate, eliminate toxins, and release endorphin’s. Why not take a dance class… I love Salsa!


Ashwagandha Power –  Helps relieve stress, fatigue, lack of energy and difficulty concentrating

Astragulaus Root –

Astragali radix (Astragalus membranaceus or propinquus) is great for anyone suffering from lack of sleep and/or extreme levels of stress.

“It is known to increase the white blood cell count, and stimulate the growth of antibodies and create a resistance to both virus’s and bacteria. This herb may be combined with other immune boosting herbs, in addition to its use as an adrenal gland fatigue treatment.

Matcha –  Helps to boost your metabolism and detoxify your body.  It calms and relaxes, enhances mood and aids concentrations along with being a good source of vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium helping you to fights against viruses and bacteria.

Coconut Oil – has so many benefits from weight loss to skin care, brain function to eliminating candida and many more.


Now I haven’t gone into detail about how the above will help or why it will, but I will do so in future posts.  Thankfully there is so much valuable information online and if you are anything like me with limited time on your hands you will find listening to Podcasts such a gift and audiobooks freeing!

I recommend the following Podcasts: Shawn Stevenson – The Model Health Show for a variety of reasons, but his health advice and tips will enable you to understand why you should change your life and change your habits.  EntreprenuerOnFire for motivation and inspiration to change  by following the examples of others.

Now to go into a few specifics if you are feeling brave and would like to tackle a few more new habits.


Whatever your work situation, having a positive mental attitude it so vital to achieving success.  If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t, you can’t.  That statement is so true!

  • Positive visualisations
  • Educate yourself in your field to gain confidence to excel at your job
  • Meditation – start meditating 10 mins a day – there are many CD’s, audio files or apps you can listen to to help you.  I’d start with the Headspace app

Books and DVDS:

Watch “The Secret” on DVD or youtube, Read “Ask and it is Given” by Ester Hicks and “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill




Explore chinese herbs to detox your liver and your kidneys, start skin brushing and cut out food which does not support your goals or potential intolerances.

Podcast: Shawn Stevenson The Model Health Show,


Mental Attitude

  • Take responsibility -Where you are right now is down to you, and how you get out from here is also!  You can only change once you accept and acknowledge the part you play.
  • Self Love
  • Self Belief

Audio Books, and affirmation CDs – self esteem, 101 power thoughts, how to love yourself, overcoming fears by Louise Hay

Book: The Power of Now.


I hope you have found this helpful and I hope to provide more tips and feedback on things that have worked well in my life.

Much love

Helene x

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