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Her strength was inspiring… from abuse to courage and strength

In every situation we can make the most of it, even if it seems like there is no possible light in the darkness, we can see examples of how some strong minded leaders are showing our society the way forward.  Its stunning the courage that people have and the inner strength we can muster within ourselves to change the world.

Ok so somehow I stumbled upon this Ted talk within facebook, about the fight against sex slavery by Sunitha Krishnan.  I was so moved that I shared it on my personal facebook and Nuyuu’s and it has left a lasting impression with me.  Especially since the world seems to be going crazy into death, war, suicide, rape and murder at the moment or at least it appears that it is as we are hearing more reports of this all the time.

For me this leads on from a recent news article I read on two young girls being gang raped and then hung to death on a tree in their home country, India.  The reports commented that this was a common occurrence and that it is not rare as one would hope.

Now I dont want to go into depressing or heavy hearted experiences because to be honest the world is full of them. But what I want take out of this is the message of Sunitha and the changing times.  Her powerful inner strength is inspiring and honest, straight talking approach is one that I want to shout out to and welcome.

It seems to me that as a society we are starting a cleansing process, from the inspiring and honest “whistle blowers” in recent times to the mass negative uprising that is being reported in all forms of media.   This process can be likened to a pond which looks on first sight to be fairly clear at the top, but once you start to stir the pond (to clear it or filter out the mud and weeds), the pond starts to get murky.  As you continue it gets so thick with mud that the once clear waters become impossible to see through.  We will get to the point when we will be able to clear the waters and start again but once we get halfway through it may seem like there is no hope.  In my opinion this is what is happening…. so keep on keeping on is the message and spread the awareness and positivity of others.

I’m not saying this from a religious or spiritual point of view, I’m saying this through experience of dealing with difficult situations.  It always gets worse as you process something, as you decide to face your fears… they become more real before you conquer them.

I have a lot of gratitude for Sunitha Krishnan and I hope her message spreads across the world.

All my love



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