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Set yourself free

I believe that we create our lives and experiences through our thoughts, and in order for us to change our lives we must study ourselves and uplift any thoughts that are creating pain and suffering.

In order for us to change our thoughts, we must locate the problem areas. As we are looking at ourselves, we need to abandon self judgement, do not judge or criticise yourself for finding faults, we all have them, this is the nature of self development. If we were not to have any areas of imbalance how would we grow, how would we experience development?

Finding our issues can be liberating, we no longer need to bury our head in the sand, hoping that everything will be ok. It gives us back our life; we can now choose what we will allow into our life, and what we will now release.

We all need to recognise our faults, they are uniquely ours. You are the only one that has gone through your experiences both positive and negative.

There are many reasons why we have the issues that we have, all are different. They may stem from childhood, relationships, illness or many other avenues. Nonetheless they all need to be resolved no matter where they came from. There is a tendency to hold onto issues in the belief that is was put there by someone else, someone that hurt us, that is their fault, and that they should apologise in order for our issues to be resolved. This is not the case, it is our issue, if we want to be free from it, and we will have to resolve it regardless of the other party’s lack of regret and apologies.

Most importantly this is the time for taking full responsibility for your life. If something in your life is not working, then take 100% responsibility for it, and change it. Until you have responsibility for it, you cannot change it.

Until you own it you cannot be free

So often in life we project and give our responsibilities away to others. It is not my fault but so and so’s. Make a pact with yourself to look within first, before looking at others. Even if it is their issue, you can still learn from it, for somewhere within you is a similar issue, otherwise the Universe would not have brought that situation to you.

Similarly, we project our issues onto others, for instance, imagine that you are with your partner and you are getting irritated by his or hers constant interrupting and not letting you finish your sentences. Since you are getting irritated, look within, could it be that you also need to learn from this same lesson, do you also often interrupt his or hers sentences? If you find that this is a projected lesson, look deeper within yourself for its Core Issue.


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