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Set your morning routine – 5 things that will change the way you start your day

The beginning of the year is all about setting your goals, visualising where it is that you want to be and setting a plan of action to set you on the right path. Achieving your big life goals are just as important as achieving the little ones, especially when you do it with focus and have an overall strategy.

A routine can help us to stay focused and build the foundation which helps us attain our bigger goals. As Robert Collier once said ‘success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in, day-out” and this couldn’t be more relevant today.

Establishing a morning routine is an easy but critical step to helping you get focused and achieve your goals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or wanting to become one, a busy parent who’s always on the go, a career focused workaholic or have a dream all of your own our list of 5 things that will change the way you start your day will set you up for success.

1. Make your bed

Making your bed is the very first thing that you can control in your day, if you achieve this step, then you are set up to achieves your other small goals for the rest of the day. Give yourself a mental pat on the back after doing it and move onto your next goal. You’ll thank yourself when you get back into crisp sheets before bed.

2.  10 minute meditation

Meditation is fast growing in popularity, and people who set this as a part of their morning routine say it sets up their day for success. It allows you to concentrate the mind, control your thoughts and clear your head of anything negative. Meditation is shown to be one of the most powerful ways of decreasing depression, reducing stress levels and increasing overall happiness. But having a meditation at the start of your day is like clearing the slate or organising a chaotic mind ready to take on the day.

3. Have a cup of tea

Many of us already include a cup of tea in our morning routine, but making sure it’s a healthy one increases your health and gives you the opportunity to refuel and rehydrate your body. Swap caffeinated drinks and coffee for a herbal tea and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to start your day in no time. Some of my favourite teas for health include green tea, which contains natural caffeine and can promote weight loss; ginger, which strengthens the immune system, eases bloating and helps with inflamed joints; turmeric which is a powerful anti inflammatory and antiseptic option; or lemon which starts your day with a high dose of vitamin C, helping boost your immune system and get your metabolism kick started. My favourite morning tea is a mixture of all of the above.

4. Journaling and affirmations

No matter how many people tell us how great or clever or interesting we are we need to be in charge of our own self confidence. It’s important for us to be able to recognise our own strengths and to channel these throughout the day. Journaling can include lots of things, from three things we’re grateful for every morning, or one amazing thing we will make happen today to a brain dump of thoughts and or feelings. It’s the best way to put your plans out into the world and make what you want happen.

5. Stating your intentions for the day while brushing your teeth

Everyone brushes their teeth in the morning, and remembering to state your intentions for the day is a great way to set them daily. I like to then reflect on my intentions and how I did when brushing my teeth in the evening, and see brushing my teeth as a way to wash away the past mistakes, starting again with a fresh, clean slate.

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