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Set your goals big… BIG!

One thing that I have learned is that you have to have the faith in yourself to dream BIG! Set goals so big that you would never have dreamed that they could come true.. and start believing in them and walking towards them.

We are creatures of habit, we can easily get stuck in a self limiting box which acts as our own self imposed prison. I’m sure that if I were to dig a little deeper, I would find evidence that these self imposed restrictions are there to help in our initial development, however I would encourage everyone to test their own limits regularly… even if only for the fun of it.

I’ve seen this in so many areas of life from career decisions  – salary expectations, health, fitness, environmental.  Don’t let the norm be your benchmark, decide what would make you feel fulfilled and go for it. What would make you happy and what are you passionate about?  Then let your passion guide your goals and don’t limit them by allowing yourself or others to knock you down.

I was given a gift from a dear grandfather when I was a young girl – at the time I obviously didn’t appreciate the impact, but he told me “You can do anything you put Your mind to” and I believed him. Luckily this overriding thought has often been with me when making decisions and setting goals and I make a habit of reinforcing this belief whenever I can.

Whenever I succeed at something I tell myself, see I can do it!  To be honest I am often in disbelief at the same time… as in… wow it worked! But I still nurture this self belief as I find that it gives me the added focus and passion to push things through into reality.

The more years we live, the more achievements big and small get added to this list and the more grateful I feel.  Personally I make a habit and a point of regularly feeling appreciation and gratitude for the things that I have and for the experiences I am living.  I remind myself of the opposite of what I have, and what I have had to come through to get to happiness which adds to the feeling of gratitude and appreciation.

Messages to take away are:

1. set your goals big – don’t let anything limit your expectations of yourself

2. test your own limits and keep expanding them

3. feel grateful for what you have and make that a lifetime habit to continue.


With love




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