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Self value, worth and belief

As this is the first blog post I thought I should start it on self value, self worth and self belief.   I have found this to be a pillar and foundational element within mind, body and soul; to achieving happiness, health and money. Whatever you are trying to achieve, the issue of self worth is often touched upon regardless of age (once out of childhood) or nationality.

Personality I struggled with self worth, but I was lucky enough to be able to associate my correction into self love with specific thoughts which quickly impacted my environment and gave me more opportunities for happiness.  Witnessing these changes outlined for me, a road map to follow.

I can say from experience that once I dealt with these core feelings properly (and I had been trying to do so for years!) that my life changed and I became happy – seriously happy to the point where I was thanking God daily and feeling blessed to be alive.  There have been ups and downs within this period but short little ebs and flows throughout a consistent theme.

I learnt at an early age how strongly my thoughts impacted my health, a few years down the line, my life and which was followed by my career and relationships.  Throughout these lessons and I learnt the true value of actively encouraging a positive mental attitude and finding what I feel are the keys to success: owning my feelings & taking full responsibility of myself, thought monitoring, affirmations, along with a heathy dose of gratitude. It was these values that progressed me to develop more skills and capabilities within myself, changing my personality and helping me to strive for more in all areas of my life.

If I could share one message it would be love yourself. Love yourself above everything, not in an egotistical way but look after yourself so that you are able to look after others. It’s the same as when you are on an airplane and you hear “always put on your oxygen mask first before helping others”.

Over the years there are many books that I have read which were pivotal in my development and self love.  At the beginning of my journey when I was experiencing health issues I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

That book was amazingly valuable as it helped me to understand what were the issues underlining my “symptoms” and I would highly recommend it to anyone for improving all areas of their lives, as it helps you do digg deeper into what you may not be aware of.  Another book Id recommend is by best selling author Barbel Mohr, The Miracle of Self Love. The Secret Key to Open All Doors.

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Love is oxygen and you must take it for yourself to be able to give it to others. @nuyuulife

So how did I learn to love myself?
Somehow through all my experiences? It was through a mix of realising the following: If I can create it, then I can change it!  I realised that no one else was going to look after me and if I continued to give away all of myself valuing others more, then I would be the one picking up the pieces of my life. I decided to own my-self and to take myself where I wanted to be.

Tough experiences are very great teachers, but if I could have learnt the lessons easily without all the pain and struggle 🙂 that would have been even better!  So now, if I can help someone learn these lessons without them hitting rock bottom, then my lessons hold even more value!


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