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The Power of a Positive Attitude

Listen to your thoughts for a minute. What thoughts go through your mind? Are they positive, or negative?

Do you realise that you give off an energetic exchange and people are able to sense not only what kind of mood you are in but at a more subtle level they will be able to feel the types of thoughts that you think on a regular basis. For example if you have low self esteem this can be like a red flag to certain types of people, as this ability is an instinctive skill we all have – though some are more developed than others.

Thoughts are incredibly powerful. It affects not only how you feel about yourself but it also affects the attitudes of those around you.

Your thoughts have either a positive or negative impact on you. If they are positive then they can charge you energetically, not only you but those around you.
If you have negative thoughts they can have a draining impact on you and those around you. Negative thoughts feel heavy, they feel sad and can contaminate other positive feelings pushing them out.

A positive attitude is attractive and attracts people, while a negative attitude repels people, people tend to shy away from those who carry a negative weight around their shoulders, or they feel their energy being zapped by the negative person.

Like attracts like, and we tend to attract the same type of people with the same attitudes, thoughts and general feelings. Unfortunately this means that if you are looking to change yourself and move away from the negative thought patterns, that you will also have to spend more time with people who are already thinking more positively. This can be a hard decision as these can be your closest friends of family. Without creating a separation and surrounding yourself with positivity either through positive podcasts, audiobooks, books or new friends with a positive attitude you will struggle greatly.

A positive attitude begins with self-love and a healthy self image. If you love yourself and are confident and self-assured, others around you will also feel your confidence and self respect.

A negative attitude has the opposite effect. Not only do you feel bad about yourself but others will feel negatively about you as well.

Through persistent thought monitoring, affirmations and a commitment to loving yourself, you can change a negative thought process into a positive mental attitude and you will really reap the benefits throughout the different aspects of your life. Health, love, money and success.

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