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The Power of Inspiration

I think it’s all too easy to underestimate the power of being inspired and it’s dawned on me now how inspiration can be a catalyst for great change.  If we can use the power of inspiration, acknowledging it, then we can build it into our daily lives and routines.

When you’re inspired or passionate about something, no task is too big or too hard.  We knuckle down and the time flies, having enough energy from within to keep going…. But if we are not inspired or passionate about the tasks ahead, we procrastinate, the time drags on and the task becomes a difficult one.

I’ve noticed how inspiration has led me onto many positive avenues and has given me the boost of energy to complete tasks that to those who are not inspired by the idea would think it painful.

Ever tried to get a child to do something they were not passionate about? How difficult it is and what a transformation when they are passionate about what they want!

So how can we take this understanding and use it to our benefit and to the benefit of those around us?

I think the secret is to follow your excitement and passion in life, by regularly asking yourself, what can I do right now that would excite me, or whats the nearest thing I can do to where I am right now that I am passionate about?

This works well no matter where you are in your personal state because there is always something better to walk towards and you must look for that next opportunity.

  • What feels better?
  • What can you do today that will make you feel good and make a positive impact on your life and happiness?

Start from where you are and move forward. But think about your passions and what inspires you.  Where do you want to be when you are 30 years down the line?

Ive unconsciously done this for years, ever since I was 13 and bedridden for 3 years with an illness.  I learned then that I had to find inspiration to keep me motivated. To keep on keeping on and to know that one day things would be different.  The only thing I could do being too weak to move and unable to communicate, I could dream, so I lived my life in my dreams and really enjoyed them! Still to this day I continue some of the day dreams I made then, as they are like cherished films that I get to replay whenever I need.

So no matter where you are, there is something you can do to find inspiration and inspiration and passion will lead you onto greater happiness, health and love.

All my love

Helene x

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