Is your mind holding you back

Is your mind holding you back?

Our state of mind, self belief and internal thought process are the cause of success or failure.

At a very high level we set the goal and unconsciously align our commitment into a course or pathway to success or failure, right from the beginning of any project or journey.

This mindset determines the level of commitment to the goal and or willingness to give up and “fail”. This is why when we are in a “pain” situation or a “make or break” level of commitment, not only do we increase the chances of success but we often succeed beyound expectations.

Another example is when you “pay” large amounts of money for something, you will ensure that you attend every session, get every ounce out of your fee and make sure that you get your money’s worth. The same principles apply with your life.  If you commit to goals that you define for yourself, you will be amazed at the results this can achieve.

Im sure you would be amazed at the amount of people who do not set goals or set them without fully committing. Depending on your will power and the motivation behind your decisions we /you will be able to see very early on whether you are on the right course to succeed or whether you will detor off.

With this knowledge we are given an incredible amount of power and understanding for the true value of goal setting and commitment.

As a child I was always strong willed, or at least my parents thought so!  But this determination really helped me when I was bed ridden and wheelchair bound for 3 years during my early teenage years.  I had an allergic response to some medication and my body packed up. Physically I was too weak to walk further than a few feet, in a lot of pain and was unable to read, speak or write most of the time.  Throughout the three years I was determined to get better, determined to defy the doctors and I was positive 29 days a month.

I believed that I had the power to cure myself as all I had available to entertain me was meditation and through meditation I gained massively. Each day I would tell myself next month I will be better, and therefore it was the first day of every month that I cried as I was not. I didn’t give up, I did all that I could not only to get myself better, but to change my personality, to work on my compassion, empathy and integrity, as having all the time in the world to analyse myself and my prior behaviours I wanted to reinvent myself.  I had grown an immense appreciation for my family who were looking after me and I wanted to make sure that I gave back in love.

I learnt back then the massive power of our mind and when I recovered I read books like there was no tomorrow, absolutely fascinated about a world that I was not previously aware of.

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This was just one of my major life lessons, where I learnt the power of our thoughts, our thoughts are not only pivotal to our health and well being but to our love life, careers, family and success. The key is our belief and determination.  Setting your goals and fully committing to them.

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