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Love and let go instead of anger and frustration

Ok, so a real lesson learnt again last week as I had to remember to love and let go.  It’s not often that I am upset to the extent of anger, where the mind starts holding frustration and anger on a replay cycle (replaying the frustration and situation over again and not letting the stress go).  But last week I had one of those experiences and I found myself really angry and holding resentment 4 hours after a “problem” at work.  Luckily as I lay down to sleep I thought, “what can I do to let this go”… and then the solution came as I thankfully remembered my process and within a minute I was back to my usual happy self.

I remembered to love the person who had angered me, to feel compassion for his pain and the anger that he would be holding within him that would result in his behaviour. I remembered that I was the only one causing myself the pain as he was no longer there or causing the problem, it was now my mind re-living the situation or contemplating the reasons why he had done and said what he had.

It was really relieving to let the situation go but I have since found the frustration and anger build up a couple of times since then and the reason is because I have unspoken feelings, unspoken communication which I felt I needed to voice. So again I was in a similar position, albeit less stressful.

How I’ve dealt with it is to see that each person is walking their own path, there may be things that I can do to help this person have more peace and happiness, but in this scenario the person is not open to help or communication and therefore it would not add any benefit to the other person and likely cause a backfire or animosity towards myself.  Again, resolving this issue is firmly in my hands, I can only change myself and realising that I cannot change the other person by my actions funnels my only method of change towards compassion for the situation and empathy for the other person, which ultimately took away my anger and freed me to move on with no more thought on the situation.

I hope this may offer some help if you are going through something similar.  If you do have something that is causing you frustration try to see that you can only change yourself and look for the resolution within.

Replace Anger with Empathy

All my love




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