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How to recreate yourself

There are many times in life when we might wish we were someone else. But the act of recreating yourself with a new and improved image can have great effects on your self worth and help you realise some of your biggest goals and aspirations. Recreating yourself can be quite difficult, and requires a lot of discipline and focused energy. So here are a few tips to help you get started in the process of recreating yourself:

• List what you want to become

Writing things down is a great way to help you remember and focus on certain things, whether this is a weekly shopping list or a morning to do list. So a great way to start recreating yourself is to write down a list of the things you want to become and goals you want to achieve. Visualise the life you want and write it down like a scene from a film. This will help you to keep those targets in mind and focus on how to get there.

• List what you want to let go of

Alongside the list of those things you want to become it is also extremely helpful to write a list down of those things you want to get rid of or change in your life. This will help you to pin point those areas in your life which aren’t working out for you and highlight those areas you need to change the most. Once you’ve done this another good tip is to choose something on the list to change within 48 hours. For example, if you are unsatisfied at work, start sprucing up your CV and looking at other job advertisements. By doing this you will see that it’s possible to tackle those bigger targets.

• Learn to love yourself

Just because you want to recreate yourself doesn’t mean you should dislike yourself as you currently are. Accept and acknowledge your flaws and feelings; these are part of the things which make you you. Once you’ve done this you will start to love and appreciate who you are and it will give you the confidence boost you need to make those difficult changes in your life and become the person you want to be.

• Schedule time to work on yourself

It’s always a good idea to have a schedule for the week ahead; this will help you keep on top of all those things you need to achieve each week. So it’s good practice to start scheduling in some time each day to work on yourself and tackle some of those negative things you listed and start changing them. By having it scheduled you will be able to actively work towards your set goals, one day at a time.

• Do things for other people

A great way to feel better about ourselves is to do things to help other people. Doing things for those less fortunate than us can put our own troubles into perspective as well as giving our own sense of ourselves greater worth. This doesn’t necessarily mean volunteering for a charity for a couple of hours every week, it could just be going round to cheer up a friend if they’re feeling low. Seeing someone else happy because of your actions will improve your own happiness.

• Be grateful for the small things

Take some time each day to appreciate the small things in life you might not normally pay attention to. Stop and look at a particularly beautiful sunset or savour a delicious piece of chocolate cake. Appreciating these small things in life will make you more grateful for what you have around you and will stop you always focusing on the negative aspects of your day.

After following these simple guidelines you can start to appreciate yourself and the world around you. Use these tips as the perfect foundation for recreating yourself and becoming the person you always wanted to be, and achieve those things you always dreamed of doing.

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