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Five Important Habits for a Happy Life

Happiness is something everyone strives for. When we are happy we feel better about all aspects of our life. But when we are low it can feel impossible to make ourselves happier. So here are five habits to take on board to help you lead a happier life

1. Wake up early

While it may seem difficult at first waking up early each day makes you feel invigorated and energised and a positive start to the day will lead to a positive rest of the day. Eventually you will start to crave, rather than dread, this early morning time. It offers a chance to get some work done in a peaceful and focused environment. While this does require some discipline, particularly in what time you go to bed in the evening, you will soon start seeing the benefits and start feeling happier.

2. Exercise daily

Being physically active each day leads to more positive thoughts and a better outlook on life. This doesn’t mean you have to go for a marathon every day; even small changes to your routine, such as walking or cycling to work instead of getting the bus, will improve your physical fitness. This will increase your self confidence and mean you will find yourself better equipped to face other challenges in life. Daily exercise is also proven to help you get a better night’s sleep.

3. Disengage

It can often feel like we’re constantly plugged in, constantly checking our phones or work emails, and this can start to feel exhausting. So take some time each evening to disengage, turn off the TV and stop checking Facebook. A good idea for this time is to go on a walk around your neighbourhood. What this leads to is a time to reflect; you can think through any problems from your day in a stress free environment. By the time you return home you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed and you’ll probably have thought of solutions to some of those problems you hadn’t considered before.

4. Help others

Spending time helping other people will make you feel much happier in your own life. It will put your own concerns into perspective and you will start to see how your actions can improve the lives of other people. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction, as well as improving your own sense of self worth. Taking just a couple of hours out of each week to help others will significantly improve the happiness you feel in your own life.

5. Learn new skills

Repeating the same routine each day can make us feel as though we’re stuck in a rut and lead to frustration. So take some time and pick up a new hobby, learn a new language or even take up knitting. Focusing on these new tasks will help you develop a great sense of achievement, especially when you start to see yourself improving. You will also get yourself out of that rut of familiar habits.

Once you incorporate these habits into your life you will gradually start to see yourself becoming a more positive and happier person. It is also important to remember that at certain times in life it’s not possible to be happy all of the time. Part of the process to improve your overall happiness means accepting that life will be tough at times, but with these habits in place these negative emotions won’t control your life and you know that you will soon be back to balance and happy again.

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