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Feeling lost or stuck?

Have you ever felt lost in your purpose or stuck in a rut?

There seems to be varying degrees of feeling stuck from misery and despair to just not feeling like you are achieving anything. The difference has a lot to do with your state of mind and how you are feeling towards yourself.

Feeling stuck could simply mean that you are being impatient for change, but I would really challenge yourself on that one as its likely that there is more you could be doing within your current situation due to lack of motivation where cannot or don’t want to see a further use for it.

Sometimes we get “stuck” in a cycle of bad habits which can be broken down into lots of unique negative reoccurring situations following a theme. This scenario requires a lot of your attention and self control to motivate yourself into correcting or carrying out behaviours which you know will serve your better good but may not feel immediately therapeutic.

I believe that life is an outwards expression of what is going on in our minds and if there are things in your life that you are not happy with, then it is best to go to the source and resolve the issue at its core, versus correcting an outward symptom which will only crop up in another similar scenario.

A positive scenario where you may feel like you are floating, not unhappy, but happy with a sense of unfolding and anticipation. Is when you are waiting simply for the right timing and something wonderful is around the corner.   Yes 🙂 in any case you should always tell yourself that something better is around the corner, that if you do not have what you want right now is because something better is on its way.  Your attitude, thoughts and feeling lay the course of your future and therefore its best to resolve any issues as and when you identify them.

So how do you know if you have issues to resolve?

  • are you unhappy?
  • are you having frequent negative experiences which have a common theme?
  • do you have negative self talk?
  • are you frustrated with your life or with yourself

If the answer to any of these are yes, then ask yourself the following questions:

Q. What can I learn from this situation

Q. What am I trying to get away from which I should embrace

Q. Why am I choosing the same (friends/ partners / arguments/ reinforcing lack of self worth situations?)

Q. What is at the root of all these issues? Is it childhood, self belief, fears, lack of x?

Q. What can I do today to change this?


You need to own the problem to be able to solve it, no matter what it is, no matter how much you feel you are not the cause but are the victim. To move on from something you have to be able to own it to change it.

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