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How to feel the fear and do it anyway

I’ve not coined the saying “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” but its such a great quote and one that can have a huge impact on our lives.

I feel that we can give into anxiety and fear way too easily.  Its like we are all, myself included too comfortable with giving into fear as it seems the right thing to do at first glance in most instances.

Think about it, if you were to come across a situation that you were nervous about, or scared of, for the majority of us, it may seem the logical thing to avoid it or immediately look for a solution. But if you were to do a double take into the “fearful” situation I could almost guarantee you that it is far from the scary situation that you had initially anticipated.

It’s in these scenarios that our greatest development lays dormant waiting for the opportunity to be tried and tested. What’s even more valuable is that once you have pushed through your initial fear and mastered it, more opportunities that would previously never have been open to you will now be viable.

Our brains can be likened to an enormous tape recorder where we regurgitate over the same themes, same content and same thoughts.  Fear does a fantastic job of  keeping us locked in our usual habits, whether its fear of something new, what other people think, or taking risks; fear can be the cage that keeps us locked in our usual reality.

Stepping outside of that fear barrier, before you do it, may appear to be the hardest task, but once you do, 9 times out of 10 you will realise it wasn’t that hard anyway.  That there really wasn’t something to fear!

A mentor of mine, Dan Pena, once told me Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real, which is so true and something I repeat to myself when I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

So how do you manage pushing through fear? I use the following steps to help me.

  1. Think about what is the worst possible outcome.  Really follow your line of thought… is it that you will lose your job? Risk being embarrassed or rejected?  Follow the fear and expand on it, play it out.  What would it look like.
  2. Think to yourself.  If that happened what could you do, how would you survive? In most instances, just by playing out the scenario you realise that your fear is highly unlikely and if worse came to worse, then you would be ok and would survive.
  3. I have a little saying that I created when I was 13, I had a lot of fears at 13 and I knew back that I had to get past them or I would not be able to get through life.  So I’d told myself that if I had imagined it (the “bad” scenario) that, that possible outcome was definitely not going to happen to me. I had enough personal proof at that point that my fears did not actualize that I could rely on this approach and I found it very soothing.

The golden carrot dangling in front of you is that your life, your opportunities and abilities will be greater for your pushing through your fears.  You can do it and you will succeed! Just dont take no for an answer!


“I feel the fear and do it anway!”

Much love and good luck with tackling your fears.




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