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Everything is a Tool You Choose To Let it Work

One thing I came to learn a couple of years ago is that everything is a tool, whether its a therapy, an experience, medicine, crystals, aromatherapy oils, books, food etc.  They are all tools ready for us to use and we can use them uniquely to receive what we need to or what we have created.

There are many examples of this, from the placebo affect whereby the power of our minds aka “placebo” can have a mass positive or negative impact on an outcome. To individualising experiences, benefits or side effects from experiences, processes, lucky charms etc.

With this knowledge you should be able to test the theory for yourself.  We are very powerful creative beings, with vivid imagination and built in 3d simulators.

Half of the battle is within our minds, we can build up resistance and put blocks in our way as we can be fixated on an outcome looking a particular way and completely block an alternative scenario from developing or miss it when it first occurs.

Meditation, reading, music, walking, running etc. can allow us to clear the space required in our minds to be able to clear expectations from the tools we may use and allow what is necessary to occur.

Whilst at the same time suspending disbelief and having an open mind may be difficult to achieve if you have old set beliefs which struggle to accommodate new ways of thinking.

Take a scenario that you have been in before but this time choose a different scenario and use something as a tool.

For example if you regularly use aromatherapy oils choose that Lavender in this instance will allow you to relax more than you have before and that you will be able to relax so deeply with the use of lavender that you will sleep deeply and release deep emotions and stress from your body that you feel lighter and free.

In this scenario Lavender does have the power to relax you, it does have the qualities to help you sleep well but with the added power of your intention and will, you will be able get the most out of your experience and tailor the tool to your specific requirements.

Let me know how you get on and what you tested.

From my experience I have seen that not only can you influence the experience with your own mind with the use of a tool, but you can also influence the experience of another with the use of a tool should they be happy to and open to the experience.

Having worked in the medical industry many years ago and if there are any Dr’s as readers you will know the power of placebo, but its also a misconception and an unused ally.

Take care

Helene x




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