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Developing Coping Methods

I’ve come to learn the value of being prepared from both a professional and personal perspective. Not only for the expected but perhaps more importantly the unexpected. This is where developing coping methods tailored to your unique history and frame of mind, is to me an essential part of creating a flexible and mentally stable environment for yourself.

It’s quite amazing to see the cross over benefit from taking a “work” approach to your personal life; as it seems for those that do take that approach, progression is smoother, quicker and more noticeable.

I would imagine that most people would expect a preparation method of some sort to consist of running through a process or physically carrying out a task multiple times.  In some instances this is exactly what is needed but when it comes to mental stability, we have to prepare a tool kit that we can use when we are in need or at crisis point.

It can be anything that you have found successful and productive, from breathing techniques and thought control, to choosing to go to sleep to reset your frame of mind.  But you should actively seek to develop these tools and use them habitually when not in crisis mode, so that when you are at your lowest you are able to pick them up and use them!

If I could get this one message through to everyone who regularly deals with life’s lows or struggles I would be happy.  We all need that extra method of self support, as sometimes we don’t have that layer of external support, of close family or friends to support us.  We all live busy lives and in today’s society it is all too easy to turn to alcohol, food, games, drugs etc. as a coping method when we find that we are in need and no one to turn to.

The problem is that relying on the above methods (alcohol, food,drugs etc.) as a support system,  turns very easily into habits and then addictions, which leads us down a wide one way street…. you could reverse out, but its not as easy as continuing and hoping for the best.

The best place to start is to think back to negative situations that you handled well emotionally.  What did you do or think that made that outcome or feeling positive? Then think of another situation where you didn’t handle or cope with it emotionally.

If you can, you will notice that the reason why there was a difference was because you saw things from a different perspective. Perhaps you were in a better mood, or you didnt care what the outcome was.  Our perspective on the situation is the key to making a change in the outcome.. not the outcome of the act or situation, but the outcome of attitude towards it.

We as a human race, have the ability to cage ourselves in emotion or to set ourselves free.  It is ultimately very psychological and emotional, but the outcome is completely shaped by our emotional perspective.  So the best way to manage life’s up and downs is to understand how to change our perspective. Perspective is everything, its the key and can be so uplifting or so depressing.

You can do the following in multiple situations, from event that are happening, have happened or imaginative scenarios:

  1. Try and see the situation from another perspective. What perspective would make the situation better?
  2. Try to see it from another persons perspective.
  3. Step back, view your life in a broader perspective, millions of people, living across the world all with different experiences, trouble and hurdles.
  4. What can you do now to make this better, can you take 5 mins break or walk, one min meditation, go to sleep, watch a comedy clip, read a book, distract yourself in something exciting or exercise or sing!
  5. Try thinking… it doesn’t matter anyway.  I will be ok, I can handle this and more and emotionally step away from the situation.
  6. Love yourself, forgive yourself, nurture yourself and you will find that you can make peace within the most trying or difficult situations.   This will develop compassion for others and inner strength that you can rely on.

All my love and I hope you find this helpful.

If you have a more specific situation that you would like advice on please drop me a message.






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