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Achieving Goals – part 1

I remember when I used to go to Christmas works parties and do’s and everyone on the table starts talking about their new year’s resolutions and what goals they are looking to accomplish this coming year. They were so convinced that resolutions and trying to achieve goals were useless, that they have stopped making goals. Although in one way, I admired the honesty of this approach, in another way I was somewhat shocked. Achieving your goals is one of the most important things in life, and just because you meet with some failures does not mean you should stop setting concrete goals and trying to achieve them.

After all, you have no chance of achieving your goals if you never a goal or try to achieve it!

I have been very lucky in my life; I came from an athletic family and have competed at high levels sports where setting targets and goals monthly and yearly was just a natural process.

When embarking on an any kind of training programme for any sports you have to have measureable goals and dates to prepare for competition. To me it is no surprise that all my friends that I was in sports with have achieved a lot in a relatively small time outside of their sporting careers. When I listen to people in the work place I found one common recurring theme: Low expectations!
Most people do not think of themselves to highly and hence set very low goals if any; their own self worth is the single biggest reason to not having the mind set and confidence to stretch themselves and set high goals of achievement in their lives.

There are many different ways of setting goals. A lot of people have one method by which they claim you can achieve your goal, but in my experience different methods work for different people. Some people, for example, rely heavily on religious faith to achieve their goals. They will tell you that to achieve your goals; you need Christ, or some other commonly known religious figure at the centre of your life and this can work very well.

This may work for them, but it is not the only way to achieve your goal. Other people have a much more concrete approach to setting and achieving goals. They say that, to achieve your goals, you have to think and act like a highly successful person. They use psychological tricks and personal affirmations to help achieve your goal. In many ways, these affirmations work much like religious faith does for those who are more interested in it. Rather than using faith in God to achieve your goals, these people advocate using faith in yourself.

In my personal experience I believe this works 110% ever since I was a young athlete my parents instilled in me positive mental attitude to believe I could win every race, jump and throw I competed in. When you’re a child, if you practice at anything your most likely to win something, and when you do it’s infectious; it builds your self esteem and confidence like nothing else. I simply shifted this focus I achieved in sports to business and found the same result.

Another very important factor in achieving goals, which people simply do not acknowledge is the importance of hanging round likeminded people.

You see success begets success. When you are winning in sports you start hanging around other successful likeminded people who are used to having high self worth and expectations of themselves.

You are who you hang around with. I know many people may be reading this and saying well I never did any sports, so this is not relevant to me, but all I am saying is that you can and should use personal success’s in any vocation or experience and simply shift that focus to the goals you are looking to achieve and use what psychologists call anchoring. Which is where you remember that great feeling of achievement when you achieved your goal and remember how it felt and how you got there.

We have also been lucky enough to have been in the company of some very successful businessmen where we have spent a lot of time being mentored and I would like to share with you some really fantastic methods that can get you thinking and acting a lot more efficiently and with purpose so you too can start achieving goals much more quickly and effectively.

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