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Achieving Goals – Part 2

After spending some time with a lot of highly successful people, all of whom had net worth’s ranging from two million to over half a billion I found that they all had unbelievable passion, enthusiasm and dedication towards something they believed in.

I wanted to take my expectations which I thought were higher than average to the next level. I will go through some other key elements of what super successful people all have but for now I would like to share with you some great tips and methods for helping you achieve your goals

Basics for goal setting:
I spent some time in the pharmaceutical industry as an executive sales rep. We had very tight targets and budgets to adhere to, it was really fast passed and cut throat. We were given the following formula to work to it’s called setting SMART GOALS.

SMART stands for:

I have to say if you get into this formula and method of thinking about and then writing out your goals you will see a much higher rate of attainment.

You can apply this method to any desired outcome, whether it is losing weight, building muscle, sports goals, financial goals, love, life anything will work, but it will only work if your mind is akin to what needs to be done to get the results.
So when we talk about specific we need to know who, what where and why, i.e. I am looking to increase my disposable income by 10%.

So a way to be measurable would be how much money you have cleared to spend on at the end of the month after all your bills have been cleared you can measure this by your bank statements.

Is it achievable? Do not go for a crazy figure if we said lets increase disposable income by 50% that may well be too high a target to reach initially. We want to work incrementally and have a few positive results to again build confidence and flow towards results

Realistic: Again can this be done? I think so 10% is not asking too much. With a real look through what you sped in a month on things you don’t need or use or are paying too much for I am pretty confident that 10% can be achieved.

Timed: you have to set a timeline to achieve this first goal. I would suggest only 2 months as all you would need to do is go through all your expenses and see where you can switch providers of insurances, phones gas and electricity and find cheaper alternatives to your food shopping and consumables such as petrol and other things.

So there you have it this will help you so much more and you will begin having fun crossing out various goals as they come.

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