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About Helene

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Over the years I’ve learnt to reinvent myself through all of my life lessons…. and the term “reinvention” has stuck because its a great way to move onwards and upwards from most situations!  My goal is to help as many people as possible who are looking for direction, support, or to achieve their goals, passing on any tips or guidance from my journey.

When I was young I went through some very tough life experiences, not once but three times and it was through self believe and a strong desire to survive that I did. It took me years in all instances to recover, first physically and then emotionally but now I am thriving and free and strong in self belief and self love.

Going through these experiences has blessed me not only with a strong desire to help others in similar situations or without the tools I had, but it gave me the determination and can do attitude that is required to achieve success, whatever success might look like to me.

You only need to spend one day in the life of someone who is blind, disabled or less fortunate than you, for your life to be transformed from that new perspective. I have great respect for anyone who is on a mission to achieve something and I’d like to do my bit to help.

With love

Helene x