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Start the New Year off with Focus and Determination

I love starting a new year, it has a fresh new feeling like a clean page that I get to write whatever I want to on it.  Over the years I have created a new year’s ritual which starts a few days before the end of the year in the nice lull between Christmas and New Year’s.

Having done this many times, I have to say I look forward to following the process as it guides me to reassess my life and get my priorities in order.

It doesn’t matter when you do this, it can be before of after New Years but my personal preference is before.

Whats the purpose:

  • To recognise what you have achieved in the last year.  All to often we go through life not recognising our strengths and feeling in a position of vulnerability and lack of control.
  • To appreciate what you received in the last year.  I have learnt after years of testing that gratitude more than anything else seems to draw more of the same to you.  Full appreciation and regular gratitude for the things you value reinforces them and seems to draw more of the same to you.
  • Clear goal setting for the new year.  Life has a habit of unfolding unconsciously around us, setting clear goals and expectations have proven to me to be the clearest signal to elicit changes in your life and new opportunities for you to achieve and experience your goals and expectations.


What you will need:

  • Set aside some time where you can focus and reflect.
  • Journal
  • Pen
  • and my personal favourite a coffee or even better sitting in Pret with a skinny latte! But perhaps that’s just because I love my coffee!


The Process:

Part 1 – Achievements & Gratitude

  • Take your time and list out all the big milestones you achieved in the last year.
  • After you have done this start listing the smaller more personal achievements, which you probably take for granted.
  • Now think of the experiences or items you received from others, perhaps new friendships, special moments things that made your day and that you value.
  • List out the people you have in your life or the things you have, that you did not achieve or receive in the last year, but were still present in your life throughout the year and you would not want to live without.
  • If whilst you were outlining your milestones and achievements you have experiences which you deem negative or difficult situations, look for the positive within those experiences and list out what you learned from it and what positive lessons you gained.
  • As you have done the above, read through your list as you give thanks and feel gratitude for those experiences.
  • Look at what you achieved and see that you are capable of achieving that and more.

Part 2 – Goal Setting

  • List out the big milestones that you would like to achieve in this new year.  Along with these big milestones outline 2 smaller goals that will help you to achieve the bigger goal effectively creating a pathway to the bigger goal.
  • Now list out smaller more personal goals, perhaps you would like to keep in touch with your friends more or grow your circle of friends.
  • Take time to reflect on your goals and visualise what it would feel like it you had achieved them.
  • Go through each of your goals for this year and start to capture the feeling of achieving them one by one.  For example if one of your goals is to get fit and healthy, visualise what fit and healthy means to you.  See the smaller goals that lead into your milestone such exercising 5 days a weak and getting toned and lean. Get a sense of what it would feel like if you achieved your goals.


Now depending on how new you are to this kind of goal setting process and your personality type.  You may wish to regularly look at your list and refocus yourself on your goals.  Or you may wish to place them in a drawer and leave until the end of the year.

For me I have seen the benefit of having goals so I do a mixture of the above.  Some of the bigger goals I know I will work towards and do not need to refocus and remember them.  However the smaller ones are useful to reframe as they are very achievable and I can work them off one by one by following the goal “to do list”.


I hope you have found this useful and that you have a great year and a fun journey achieving your goals.



Helene x





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