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A Green Smoothie – Raw Veg Cleanse Week

So this week I decided to go on a diet cleanse to detox and cleanse my body, whilst testing the process for some family members who may be interested in doing a cleanse for the health benefits – I wanted to make sure that I had personal experience before recommending it.  Whilst I would recommend it to others I would say be very cautious if you have health problems as it could be too restrictive and its best to seek further advice or guidance from your GP.  To my family members I will be recommending that they replace one to two meals a day with a Green Smoothie.

For the week I only ate raw vegetables, no dairy, tea, coffee etc.  Only water, some fruit juice within my thin and thick Green blended vegetable drinks.  I did add hemp protein powder into 2 out of my 4 drinks a day and for the first time I ate fully raw meals and stopped drinking coffee. I knew  I could handle the food element, but I was really concerned about not having my daily coffees as I had grown to depend on them.

Doing this cleanse taught me a lot more about me than I had anticipated and had a few unexpected benefits and areas of concern.

So what did I learn:

  • that I comfort drink coffee (when stressed or as a treat I like to reward myself with a coffee)
  • that coffee has been making me more tired and without coffee I wake up feeling more energy and get through my day without feeling tired.
  • my stomach and intestines are so much more comfortable with this food – without meat, dairy and wheat.
  • that I could adapt my food habits to incorporate more green smoothies on an ongoing basis.


I didn’t expect the negatives:

  • my body ached all over and I felt my muscles atrophying
  • my strength diminished by more than 50%
  • I lost my appetite
  • due to the lack of food and high intensity stress at work (the norm) I could feel that I was not able to handle the stress as I normally would.  My body felt incredibly stressed and like I had a high amount of nervous energy and cortisol pumping through my body none stop.



  • I do not feel dependant on coffee
  • I have come to enjoy green smoothies and love the way my body feels after eating it in comparison to my usual healthy diet.
  • I feel like I have less toxins in my body and I have lost 6lbs of weight. 1lb per day.


After 6 days of this cleanse I started to add one normal meal in per day to stop the muscle loss and to enable me to deal with my work stress.  Its amazing how diet can transform the way you handle situations and life.

This has been a real eye opener to me and I can really see how the first port of call should be reviewing your diet if you are struggling with your physical or mental health and definitely before taking medication to treat conditions.  Perhaps especially suitable for anyone suffering with depression, anxiety, insomnia, or addiction may find that changing their diet may change their condition.

Day 1 – 5:

– Wheat grass Shot

– Ginger shot

4 Shakes throughout the day consisting of the following:

  • beetroot
  • parsnip
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • apple
  • pear
  • hemp protein – onit.com Hemp force
  • Camu berry powder
  • macacroot powder
  • chia Seeds
  • coconut oil
  • chlorella powder

I also ate munchy seeds omega sprinkles, and drank almond milk in the evening before bed.

Whilst on the go I bought some Cawston Press Vegetable Juice which was actually really tasty and filled me up enough to last until the next shake although they are very watery.

I used a Nutribullet for all my blending and ordered frozen wheatgrass shots which I really felt the benefit from (I started taking them a few days before the cleanse and noticed the difference).

If you have been considering doing a detox or raw food cleanse feel free to ask a question and I will see if I can either help or point in you a direction 🙂 Im going to continue this detox for 4 weeks and will update you all on how I progress.


All my love



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